Policy, Standards, and Rulemaking

Policy, Standards, and Rulemaking

Client: U.S. Department of Transportation


Savan Group is providing a wide variety of regulatory and policy development support for the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) Office of the Senior Procurement Executive (OSPE). Over the course of a year, Savan Group facilitated a team of DOT experts to develop a strategic framework for the update to the Transportation Acquisition Regulation and Manual. Our team has also conducted individual interviews with subject matter experts. For another OSPE contract, our team is working to overhaul two key acquisitions policies regarding planning and workforce development and to drive a new strategic direction for the division.


This work requires excellent communication, synthesis of complex issues, and the production of actionable strategic frameworks for our client. Our team has focused on analyzing best practices, developed across the Federal sector, to advise our client regarding the best solutions. Additionally, personnel on our team have relied on policy and regulatory knowledge and experience developed over decades of experience in and out of government. Like all of our engagements, our work for DOT has been successful because of our personalized approach.


Most immediately, Savan Group has contributed to streamlined and modern acquisitions at DOT through an update to regulations and manuals to reflect overarching Federal requirements and industry best practices. Additionally, our work will culminate in an improved DOT acquisitions workforce and acquisitions planning process that will ensure that the Department continues to be an effective steward of Federal contracting funds.